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Sponsors and sponsorship have been critical to the success of not only events but also growing sports for many decades – from the Olympic Games, televised to millions, to the local school or club competitions, sponsors assist Federations and Clubs in delivering events on the World stage or the local community.

Without sponsors, many sports would not be able to administer their sports, let alone run World Cup events and grow their footprints internationally. The International Tag Federation is no different and we are looking for partnerships with businesses to assist us with the delivery of our World Cup Events (held every three years) as well as our coaching, referee and game expansion programmes.

As one can see by the list of countries already playing Tag (Members page) as well as those now developing the game, the return on investment for a sponsor will be exceptionally good. The World Cup alone attracts over 3000 players (male and female) representing 28 countries and playing in 128 teams across 12 divisions.

The Tag World in 2022 will be streamed live over the four days with sponsors getting exposure for the entire programme which would include games, replays, player, referee and coaches interviews to name a few. The players village at the University will also provide fantastic opportunities for sponsors.

If you would like to get involved in this fast paced growing sport, or know of a company that you think may want to get involved in our sport, please email