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The Senior Tag Nationals

The Senior Tag Nationals has been officially going under the NZTFI banner since 2010 but has been in existence since 2000 when it was known originally as the Auckland Kiwitag Regionals from 2000 to 2007, the Kiwitag Nationals in 2008 – 2009 and then the Senior Tag Nationals from 2010 to present day. Between 2000-2009, it was competed in the Open Mens, Womens, Mixed, 30s Mens and 40s mens only. In 2011, the 16s, 18s, 21s, Senior Mixed grades were introduced and then the 16s and 18s Grades were moved to the Junior Nationals when it was launched in 2016. Today, the NZTFI Senior Tag Nationals grades are from the under 21s, Open, Senior and Masters grades in men’s, women’s and mixed grades. It has only been out of Auckland twice since its inception, 2008 in Taupo and 2018 in Wellington.

This tournament is the flagship of the NZTFI and is used to encourage new regions to participate in our game of tag.