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New to Tag?

In order to grow the game globally, the International Tag Federation is placing a focus on the development and training of coaches. It’s all well playing in a league where players get together once a week to play in a social or competitive league. When the game steps up a level and is played at rep or international level coaching becomes a vital part of the game, plays and sets become important. The strategy of how the game is played often determines the result of the game.

Coaches are there to guide the players, develop team strategy, improve skills and also to determine the ethos of the team and how they play the game. As the game grows internationally, it is the responsibility of the ITF to empower those that want to coach and give them the necessary skills to become the best coaches they can.

It is with this in mind that the ITF will be creating a coaching platform that will see some of the best coaches in the World sharing their experiences with new coaches. The ITF firmly believes that “new” coaches in countries growing the game should not have to “reinvent the wheel” and learn through trial and error, but that it is those with experience that can fast track their development through a sharing of experiences.

The ITF are busy with the development of a platform that will allow coaches to proceed through a number of Coaching Levels from an Introduction to coaching (Level 1) to Coaching and International team (Level 3).

If you would like to register as a coach (new or experienced), please do so by clicking on the link below and completing the registration form.