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Become a Qualified NZTFI Coach

Whether you are an inexperienced coach or someone who wants to learn the finer points of the game, we will be administering NZTFI Coaching Clinics to help assist you in teaching players the basic fundamentals of tag football and all the tools you would need to successfully coach a tag football team. Communication, Strategy, Warm Up, Warm Down Drills, Set Plays, Training Drills, Sports Pyschology, Nutrition, Preparation and Analysis are just a few pointers that will be covered at these sessions. These sessions will be hosted by experienced NZTFI National and International Level Coaches and administrators.
Currently the NZTFI are in the process of initiating an NZTFI Recognised Coaching Certificate with qualifying levels that will enable the game to progress in its resources to better improve the standard of tag football in New Zealand.

Please contact for more details