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Australian Oztag State Cup Invitations

New Zealand Tag Football Inc and Australia Oztag have, and continue to have, a close working relationship that has been going since 2004 when Perry Haddock decided to align with the NZTFI in an inaugural Trans-Tasman series at Fowlds Park in Auckland which was to become the beginning of what would become a very competitive bi-annual series between the two ITF nations.

Each year, the winning teams from each division at the NZTFI Senior Tag Nationals qualifies to participate at the Australian Nationals. NZTFI Teams who qualify cannot win the Australian titles but can compete on an invitational basis.

Both organisations have secured regular tournament invites to various events with a closer working relationship with the NZTFI and Oztag referees, invites for our winning Tag Nationals teams to the Oztag State Cups and Nationals, and most recently, the recent Tag Challenge Cup.

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