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The Game for All

Welcome to the home of the International Tag Federation.

The ITF is the custodian of the game of Tag worldwide. The game was started over 27 years ago in the Southern Hemisphere and has now become an extremely popular recreational and competitive game worldwide. The ITF was founded in 2009 to administer the game of Oztag and Tag Rugby worldwide. The Federation is the administrative body for the game internationally, and is made up of member countries and Heritage nations.

The Board of the International Tag Federation would like to thank New Zealand Tag Football Inc., in particular Claude Iusitini, for the extremely kind donation of the resources required to make this website available to the International Tag Federation.

Press Release

Tuesday 6 July 2021

The ITF Board met on Friday 2nd July 2021 to discuss the hosting of the Tag World Cup and other matters related to the development and promotion of the game Internationally.

After much discussion around the safety of the players as well as the restrictions placed on international travel the Board with a majority vote, voted that the Tag World Cup 2022 will be moved out to August 2023. The host nation for the Tag World Cup 2023 will remain Ireland, the host City Limerick and the host venue the University of Limerick.

“The ITF would to thank all stake holders for their understanding of this decision. All stakeholders understand the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought to our lives. David Ward and the University of Limerick have been unwavering in their support of the ITF’s decision. The ITF Board collectively agreed on hosting the Tag World Cup in Ireland with the knowledge that having all participants staying on site in Tag Village is a wonderfully unique experience,” commented Stuart McConnell, ITF Chairman on behalf of the ITF Board.

The ITF Board understand that many players had pinned their hopes on going to the World Cup in 2022. It is with this in mind that the ITF are going to be launching the International Tag Series which will take place in August 2023. International players will still be able to represent their countries in a regional event. These events will be ITF sanctioned events, with players representing their countries. Referees officiating in these events will also be credited with Test match games.

The ITF Board are very excited to be able to host these sanctioned events and to provide countries teams and players the opportunity to test their skills on an international stage, something that we have all missed due to the pandemic.

Should anyone have any further questions regarding the Tag World Cup, please contact your country representative or email

“Tag is an exciting safe minimal contact oval ball game for all shapes and sizes for both male and female players
from 5 to 55 years of age at any skill and fitness level.
It's the game for EVERY body!”

Claude IusitiniNZTFI National Development Officer